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About PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. systems and services are based on a reliability test methodology called Interconnect Stress Test (IST). IST technology is an Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) compliant method that has made great strides in becoming the standard test methodology for establishing bare board reliability. Prior to acquiring the rights to the technology, the principals of PWB Inc. developed IST while employed by Nortel and Digital Equipment Corp. More information on our company and IST testing systems is available. Feel free to contact us for further details or with questions.

Corporate Overview

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company established in 1996. We design and manufacture test equipment and provide services to test the reliability of bare Printed Wiring/Circuit... read more

Why PWB Inc.

Interconnect Stress Test (IST) Technology was developed by the principals of PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. and an Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) approved more

Working with PWB

We encourage you to review the information on our website and contact us to discuss how our technology could be best used for your application. At PWB, we work with our local suppliers to more

The Team

The principals at PWB Inc. developed IST technology while working at Nortel, and have since patented the technology and continue to develop it. Meet the team behind IST testing systems. read more


For the printed wiring board (PWB), Interconnect Stress Test (IST) Technology performs a much-needed accelerated reliability/performance assessment, assembly, and end-use industries read more


We're usually on the road, whether North America, Europe, or Asia. Learn more about our events and how to connect with us when we are in your area. read more