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Events and Announcements

20/07/2017 - Product Announcement - EZ Load IST Test Coupon Fixture
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. (PWB Interconnect) is pleased to announce the availability of a new fixture for the IST tester which will elevate the IST test coupon off the grill and hold the test coupon securely during testing. The new fixture will fit all existing IST testers and was designed using feedback from testing staff and customers. Full Product Announcement

12/09/2015 - UL Taiwan Named Exclusive Lab of PWB Interconnect Solutions for Interconnect Stress Testing in Asia
UL and PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. (PWB Interconnect) are pleased to announce a new collaboration. Effective from December 1st, 2015, UL Taiwan is licensed to provide Interconnect Stress Testing (IST) services throughout the Asian continent. UL and PWB Interconnect working together expands printed wiring board reliability testing capabilities across the global market. Full Press Release

10/06/2012 - Micro, Buried and Blind Via Custom Coupons
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. is releasing a portfolio of approximately 1000 Test Coupons. They include MicroVia, Blind and Buried Via and the previously released Plated Through Via Coupons. One of these coupon designs may meet your immediate coupon needs or maybe a good starting point requiring only minor modifications to match your design. We will continue to release additional coupons. To view our updated portfolio click here

09/20/2012 – Custom Through Hole Coupons
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. has a portfolio of 500+ Through Hole Test Coupons and one of them may meet your immediate coupon needs. These coupons have been designed in the last number of years and are meant to supplement our generic test coupons. (If these Through Hole coupons are not suitable, custom coupon can be created.) To view our Through Hole Coupons click here

07/16/2012 –SMTA MEPTEC Symposium Presentation
Bill Birch, President PWBCorp will be a guest speaker at the SMTC MEPTEC Symposium on September 27, 2012 being held at the Arizona State University, Tempe Campus. Bill will talk about how IST technology can be used to test the electrical and material integrity of printed wiring board or flex circuits on medical devices and the latest developments at PWB on Pulse and CAF testing. See Bill at Session 7: Reliability Testing of Electronic Circuits Using IST

07/10/2012 – HDPUG Material Study
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. has completed some initial material characterization work on new High Frequency Halogen Free Laminates using the Dielectric Estimation Laminate Assessment Method (DELAM) tester. The tester is able to detect laminate damage using capacitance measurements. PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. is currently working on 4 separate HDPuG projects. High Frequency Halogen Free Laminate Project Details

06/15/2012 – CAF Testing at PWBCorp
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. is pleased to provide Conductive Anodic Failure testing services to complement the full range of IST testing and Failure Mode Analysis. CAF Details

10/03/2011 – End of Life Announcement for IST Test Systems Configured with Versions ISTVB, ISTVBP and ISTVBP+, Including Kepco Power Supplies 4.9 and 6.7
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc announces the end of life for earlier (Pre 2005) configurations of IST test systems. This announcement was decided in October 2011, after PWB had utilized its complete inventory of versions 4.9 and 6.7 Kepco power supplies. The power supplies were discontinued by Kepco in 2009. The following notice pertains to the specific IST test systems running on the ISTVB, ISTVBP and ISTVBP+ operating software. Full Announcement

08/10/2011 – IST-HC Sale to EADS Astrium
PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. headquartered in Ottawa, Canada has achieved a major milestone today by shipping an Interconnect Stress Tester with High Capacity (IST-HC) system to EADS Astrium in the United Kingdom. EADS Astrium is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The IST-HC equipment and methodology will be used to determine the reliability of printed wire boards (PWB) by means of highly accelerated thermal cycling. Full Press Release