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The IST HC and DELAM Systems need test coupons in order to ensure that the pcb products are reliable. Generic test coupons are available. Special design specific coupons can be created if the generic coupons do not adequately represent your product.

Custom Coupon Worksheet

The IST Custom Coupon Worksheet is used to communicate between the customer and the coupon design person to capture key attributes that the test coupon needs to incorporate so the test coupon is representative of the actual features in the design.

Understanding IST Technology

Learn more about IST technoloy; from its history to methodology and more. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Failure Modes

Learn more about failure modes as they each address PWB reliability from a pathologist's point of view. The focus is on thermally induced PWB failure modes and is based on lessons learned over years of thermal cycle testing and failure analysis. Each entry explores a failure mode, how damage propagates during thermal cycling, and includes an animation of the failure as it develops during thermal excursions.


Whitepapers are technical documents that present information to help you learn more about PWB reliability, evaluation methods, advanced testing, application.


ESA Requirements for IST Coupon Pre-screening, Testing and Report Writing


ESA Requirements for Micro Via Testing

PWB Test Requisition Form for IST Testing

This form is used to specify the test protocol for IST Testing

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