Test Coupon Work Sheet

The Test Coupon Work Sheet is used to describe the via structures (micro-vias, buried vias etc) that are in your product so we can create a test coupon that is representative of your product.

If the Gerber and drill files or ODB++ files are available along with a stack-up (copper foil thickness, dielectric spacings, layer function (signal, plane, 25% signal & 75% plane)), you do not have to fill in the Work Sheet. Just send the data files. We will use the data files to determine the hole, pad, anti-pad dimensions to create a representative coupon.


Click on the image to the left to download the latest Work Sheet and Instructions.

Refer to page 5 for help in filling out the Work Sheet. There is also an example worksheet with a detail explanation to guide you in completing the Work Sheet.

Once the Work Sheet is submitted, we will get back to you on the next working day to confirm the design parameters and delivery.

WorkSheet Revision History

Jan 25, 2018 Change email address in header to design@pwbcorp.com Current
Sep 19, 2016 Change street name in header Superceded
July 7, 2014 Fixed Boolean logic for Stacked and Staggered Micro Vias on and off Buried Vias on Page 1
Changed tab order
May 2, 2014 Added postive and negative planes to layer function drop down menu
Added back Date field
April 24, 2014 Added finished copper thickness field to determined amount of plated copper being added Superceded
Jan 3, 2014 Removed stacked via cartoon Superceded
Jan 3, 2014 Removed stacked via cartoon Superceded