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GB40001A IST Coupon Information – 2 Layer Blind Via (With capacitance holes)

A generic Interconnect Stress Test (IST) Test Coupon containing Plated Through Hole and 2 layer Blind Via Technologies on a 5.0” (126.9mm) X 0.6” (15.2mm) coupon with a total thickness up to .125 (3.2mm) and limited to a minimum of 6 layers. This coupon is designed on a small grid, .040” (1mm). The maximum hole/pad size is .015” (.38mm) and pad size is .026” (.66mm) for both power and sense circuits); decreasing these feature sizes will not affect the coupon functionality but increasing these feature sizes may result in shorts or excessively small clearances. Instructions on how to create a custom IST coupon for a specific product are included.

Note: The GB40000A design is limited to 2 layer blind vias on either side of the substrate. If it is required to produce more than 2 layer Blind Vias, use the GS40000A generic design file, this design is more suitable for sequentially laminated products.